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Steve-Meadows-Criminal-Defense-Lawyers.jpgMany people choose to spend their spring break vacations visiting Panama City Beach’s beautiful beaches, wonderful restaurants, and exciting nightclubs. Unfortunately for some visitors their spring break vacations come to an abrupt end after contact with law enforcement.

At Meadows & Kelley we understand the difficulties associated with living in another part of the world and having to deal with spring break criminal charges in Bay County. Don’t plead out to a spring break criminal defense charge which may follow you for the rest of your life, just because you cannot afford to travel to Panama City for the court dates required to challenge your case. Let us challenge your spring break criminal defense case for you.

  • By waiving your presence for all preliminary court dates before trial, we can save you the expense in time and money in attending all the preliminary court dates required to challenge your case,

  • We can review the evidence in your case to see whether there was sufficient basis to charge you in the first place.

  • We can file any appropriate motions to suppress evidence or to dismiss charges in your case, generally without requiring your return to the area.

  • If the State does have sufficient evidence, we can help you explore options to resolve your case without getting a criminal record and without requiring your return to the area.

  • And after the successful resolution of your case, we can help you determine whether your spring break arrest records may be sealed or destroyed.

At Meadows & Kelley, our partners have handled thousands of Spring Break and Vacation charges. With over thirty years of combined experience as criminal trial attorneys and former prosecutors, our clients can count on aggressive representation by attorneys with the experience to make a difference. If you or a loved one has been arrested during their vacation in Panama City Beach, call Mr. Meadows and Mr. Kelley today for a Free and Confidential Criminal Defense Consultation at (850) 215-2948.

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