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The Panama City Criminal Defense Lawyers at Meadows & Kelley are highly experienced at representing individuals charged with felony drug related offenses.

Put our 30 years of experience in criminal trial practice to work for you. Individuals charged with Drug Offenses are often faced with many important questions:

  • Was the search of your residence legal?

  • Did the police have sufficient cause to arrest you?

  • Were the correct procedures followed during your arrest?

  • Were the warrants obtained in your case legal?

  • Can the evidence the police located be suppressed?

  • Can your charges be dismissed or reduced?

When you have questions come to the attorney’s with the proven experience to answer them. With over thirty years of combined experience as criminal trial attorneys and former prosecutors, our clients can count on aggressive representation by attorneys with the experience to make a difference. If you or a loved one has been arrested for Drug Offense, call Mr. Meadows and Mr. Kelley today for a Free and Confidential Consultation at (850) 215-2948.

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