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How do I choose a DUI attorney?

One of the most important factors in determining your lawyer is that you trust and feel comfortable that they will represent you in your DUI case. It is also important that your lawyer is accessible to you when you need them. At Meadows and Kelley, we will be there for you . We encourage you to call at any time "when you need a friend who's a lawyer."




What if I admitted to consuming alcohol when questioned by the police officer?

While it is not against the law to drive after drinking, such an admission will be used as evidence against you during the trial of a DUI case. The state must prove you were driving while your "normal faculties" were impaired or with a blood alcohol level of at least 0.08%. Should you have any specific questions on your DUI case , we encourage you to call for a free consultation so that you may better understand your rights and potential defenses to the allegation of DUI.




Do I have the right to refuse the breathalizer?

You can refuse but your driver’s license may be suspended for at least one year as a result. Many people choose to refuse for various legitimate reasons, including not trusting the breath machine and not wanting to arm the state with evidence that may be used against you in a DUI prosecution. Even though you have refused you may be eligible for a hardship license to allow you to continue working and complete other necessary responsibilities



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