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A criminal charge like DUI / DWI, felonies, or misdemeanors can have a serious impact on your freedom, your finances and your reputation for years to come. Put our 30 years of experience as criminal trial attorneys in Panama City to work for you.

When you have been arrested or falsely accused, you cannot afford for your criminal attorney to get on-the-job training at your expense. While any Panama City attorney can say that they are committed to protecting your rights, at Meadows and Kelley, we have 30 years of criminal defense experience and proven ability as criminal trial attorneys have tried hundreds of DUI / DWI and criminal defense cases ranging from capital murder and drug offenses to DUI and traffic charges. It is important that anyone accused of a crime obtain legal representation as soon as possible. We are prepared to represent you and work hard to protect your legal rights.

In those cases where a criminal charge has been dismissed or you are found not guilty the occurrence of an arrest remains on your record for future employers, schools and others to review unless legal action such as a sealing or expungement is taken. To remove that history for those that qualify, the attorneys at Meadows and Kelley, P.A., stand ready at the conclusion of your case to eliminate or seal any history of your arrest.

If you are interested in discussing your legal needs with us, please Contact Meadows & Kelley, P.A. today at 850-215-2948 to schedule your appointment, or ask about our free criminal law consultation. Or browse our dui/dwi/drug charge defense, criminal defense services and attorney profiles page.

Our firm accepts all major credit cards for your convenience. We look forward to talking with you about your case.



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